Hello, Monday.

Morning guys! 
Decided to get up earlier, so I could do a mini preview of the upcoming items. Am extremely excited for the
exclusive accessories launch we've put together, cos' they are pieces I would  wear and I LOVE them.

Pierre Cross Body Bag, the only bag we'll be featuring in this collection. 
I always believe that accessories should be bold and bright, to spice up an otherwise monochrome or 
boring outfit. What I love most, is that it transforms from a handbag to a sling bag in one simple click. 
If you find this green too loud, you can always opt for the safer Beige!

My favorite piece from the collection, Freira Tiffany Necklace.
IT'S GORGEOUS irl, and I never knew Tiffany Blue would go so well with Gold.

Remember this pair of earrings which many of you have requested for me to bring in?
I managed to bring in Belle Stud Earrings that are 90% identical, except even prettier.
If you ask me about my worn-to-death pair of earrings, this has to be it.

Not forgetting, Harper Shell Necklace that was seen with a couple of my outfits previously!
Tortoise Shell x Crystal, I've never seen anything like this so far.
This is really beautiful as well, and I'm so glad to have found these precious pieces to share with you ladies.

So much love for this banner that was done by our designer for ohvola.com.
Don't forget our date at 2pm!

The younger sister Jolene & I during our work trip. Work trips are made more fun, 
and less tiring with the sisters cos' this time the elder sis came along too ;) 
Jolene in Bambi Lace Top in Pink that was sold out, and available via Backorder now.

Sneakers-aviators kind of day, in Carrie Knit Cardigan Brown.
Out of the six colors available previously, I picked brown right away cos' it is the 'coolest' color 
among haha somehow it appeals so much to me. This color goes best with the gold chain imo too. 
I love neutrals, and this fits the bill totally ;)

Second choice, would definitely be the Red.
My skin color is pretty fair, so anything red would complement it.
Somehow, this color always works on any outfit don't you think?

Will be updating this space very soon, so catch you ladies in abit!
Have a great start to the week everyone :) 


  1. Hi
    Do you mind telling where did you get your pink bikini?


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