OSIM uDiva. The Perfect Mother's Day Gift.

Haven't found the perfect gift for your Mom this Mother's Day?
I think I have the perfect answer for you.

The very kind people at OSIM sent me their new addition, the uDiva which is a triple enjoyment 
sofa-lounger-massager that loves, pampers and indulges you in a power-packed soothing massage.

It comes in 5 beautiful colors: Stunning Black, Luscious Maroon, Gorgeous Pink, Enchanting Blue and
Elegant Beige. Without a doubt, I picked the signature Gorgeous Pink because it's so pretty in real life
and I know my Mom will love it too.

So, what's amazing about the uDiva?
Love You
It starts off as a chic and stylish compact sofa, where you can indulge in your favorite hobbies and 
activities - from watching TV programs, surfing online, chatting on the phone to having a coffee break. 
One of my favorite moments was definitely catching #StarAwards20, in the comfort of my own uDiva!

The luxurious, button-tufted texture of the uDiva is the perfect example of a beautifully-made, decorative
sofa with the comfort of a massage chair. With its compact size and aesthetically pleasing design, it is perfect
for home owners who wish to beautify their living space and be pampered with lifestyle massage programs.

Pamper You
With just a click of button to the 'Recline' mode, it transforms into a lounger where you can have a 'ME'
time, to stretch out and unwind in style. The stylishly designed uDiva is perfect for lounging around, take 
an afternoon nap or curl up with a good book on a lazy afternoon. I'm definitely guilty of falling asleep on 
the uDiva on several occasions. 

Indulge You
Nothing beats a luxurious full-body massage after a long day. Indulge yourself in the ultimate massage and
relaxation on the uDiva. Drift off to peaceful tranquility with specially designed massage programs that 
soothe tired and aching muscles. The family loves the uDiva, and we have been taking turns to rest on it
when we return from work or during the weekends. 

The uDiva sets itself apart from other sofas, with its distinctive 3D Power-Ball massage technology 
which provides an all-embracing massage which stretches the body thoroughly. The massages will 
unwind your weary body to rest until you finally melt into a peaceful puddle of absolute bliss. 

It comes with six professionally designed massage programs:
Neck & Shoulders (all-time favorite) - a daily must, to relieve stiff and aching neck & shoulders. 
Spa (another favorite among the ladies) - full-body pampering to relax the body & mind.
Happy Hour (the need of every working professional) - an after-work treat for the dual areas of 
Lumbar and Neck & Shoulders.
Lumbar - a strong massage to loosen and relieve lower back tension.
Stretch - massage to loosen muscles and improve flexibility. 
Sleep - relaxes the body and mind for a good night’s sleep.

What I have been raving about the uDiva is the functionality and how it is made to suit different people.
The neck rest or cover can be lifted up if you require a more powerful massage at the neck and shoulders.
So far, this applies to the men in the family while I personally prefer it covered.

My threshold for pain when it comes to massage is pretty low.
Another plus point point would be the ability to adjust the strength of the massage chair at specific areas.
That is to say, I can actually select low/medium/high in terms of the strength during shoulder or foot massage.
Even the exact position of the roller can be adjusted, how awesome is that!

Still need that extra push? 
The OSIM uDiva retails at a special introductory price of $2,588 (usual price $3,288).
If you have always wanted to own uInfinity (like me) but found it too costly,
the OSIM uDiva is your perfect alternative at less than half of its price.

All Lee Min Ho's fans will also be happy to know he's the new face of the OSIM uDiva.
In fact, OSIM is the first Singapore brand the Korean superstar is endorsing.
Just so you know, Lee Min Ho’s favourite massage is the Happy Hour massage ;)

The OSIM uDiva is available at all OSIM outlets, road shows and online at www.OSIM.com

Cos' all moms deserve only the best, 
and it makes me happy just to see the smile on my mum's face.

Here's wishing all the greatest moms in the world, a Happy Mother's Day in advance :)


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