Summer Prints;

Goood morning, Sunday! 
As usual, the new collection will be up on Monday but at 830pm instead so do take note. A different 
timing this time, to cater to some of our customers who have no access to the internet during working hours.
We hope this is a better time for most of you, let me know what you think!

Also, I'm so glad that I managed to do a review of some upcoming pieces from Ohvola below. 
Hope they help in your decisions :)

(Upcoming) Sherise Printed Skirt in Dark Blue, Victoria Scarf Bag in Black.

One of my favorite skirts to date, the prints are really lovely irl. Fabric's similar to Melrose dress, for those
who purchased it. It's almost like neoprene material, but smoother and I really love it. This skirt can actually
be worn slightly low waist-ed, and pull off as a work skirt as well. I paired it with a cropped top, thus wore it
higher. The 2 colors are pretty similar from far, but the one I wore is purely blue&white so it might be able 
to match with more colored tops. If you're wondering, the top that I paired with here is actually Blanc
Embossed Suit worn the reverse side ;)

This carryall is really popular among our friends, cos' it works perfect as a school or work bag.
It comes with a matching scarf pin as well, which comes in handy for accessorizing like in my case,
a brooch for my plain white top. 

Following our sold-out Melrose Printed Dress, here's (Upcoming) Cheyenne Corporate Dress with prints
that flatter. The vertical lines across the dress do help to create a slimmer illusion. The taller ladies will be
happy to know that this is at 34", which is work appropriate too.

Here's (Upcoming) Alicia Cross Body Bag in white I used as a clutch and a sling below.
White bags are always a YES for me, because they seem to go with any outfit.

And here's my favorite item of the collection, (Upcoming) Florence Digital Print Dress in Indigo.
In fact, this is my first digital print number due to the tedious work (and higher cost) involved to create one.
Unlike some of our printed pieces which may come in varying prints, the placement of the prints for this will
be identical for all. Besides, the prints are so pretty it feels like a designer piece don't you think?

(Upcoming) Amber Pleat Top in White, Alicia Cross Body Bag in Powder Blue.
It's quite obvious that I'm pretty obsessed with Blue and White combinations these days. 
White tops are always the first to get sold-out on our site, cos' they make amazing wardrobe staples just like
black. This top is no exception, I love how it's so flowy it hides my tummy well esp after a heavy meal ;)

Here's my new nails by Sensual Nails Spa to go with my Powder Blue Bag.
This bag needs no introduction, how often do you come across a bag in this gorgeous shade of Blue?

In fact, this is the first time I have powder blue nails and I love them. I was a little skeptical initially, 
but it turned out so pretty. This shade of powder blue just goes so well with the knitted design. 

The Camellia flowers on the other nails, are drawn exactly to how I visualised them to be.
Thank you Sensual Nails Spa!

Sensual Nails Spa
Blk 507 Bishan Street 11 #01-398 Singapore 570507
(Just a stone's throw away from KOI and J8)
Tel: 6259 0889 (Call to book an appointment)

Don't forget to quote "Lucinda" to enjoy 10% off regular priced services! 


Stace Porcelain Top paired with Constance Skorts is another example of my latest Blue&White
obsession and I just can't get enough.

One of my first midis I own, Promenade Midi Skirt in Plaid print. 
Midi Skirts are always flattering in real life, and in photos as well. 
The monochrome print makes it easy to match with, I foresee myself wearing this out again pretty soon!

I've always wanted to own tops like this, to wear them on days when I feel my arms are getting bigger.
Haha it's true, and I really like how this top in White will look chic just by matching it with a pair of jeans.
 But I chose the Peach color instead, cos' pastel always wins ;)

Ending the post with (Upcoming) Hathaway Paperbag Skirt, which we are finally launching. This was what
I planned for AFF this year, I love how it gives a glam vibe with the denim-like fabric and lampshade cut. 

Woah that was a pretty long post. Hope this helped in your decisions, 
and see you at the 830pm launch tomorrow! Fab week ahead everyone :)


  1. Hi Lu,

    Thanks for sharing about the upcoming items on Ohvola! Can't wait for the launch tmr! Anyway, just wanted to ask if the Victoria Scarf Bag comes with another longer strap? Thanks! :)

    1. Hi there, yes it does! But let me doublecheck in the office tomorrow, and get back to you again :)

    2. Thanks for checking! :)

    3. I just checked, yes it does come with a detachable sling strap as well :)

    4. Hi Lu, thanks for confirming! Appreciate it. Anyway, I'm disappointed to learn that the handbag is out of stock within seconds of the launch! Are you able to do a BO for this item? Would very much wish to own one of these gorgeous pieces! :)

  2. Hi Lu! Care to share what are the items that you are able to to put inside the Alicia Bag? Thanks!

  3. hey babe, a little late but where is your top from in the last pic (matched with the paperbag skirt)? thanks (:


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