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Met the boyfriend for lunch near his workplace, and I found a perfect spot for ootds.
Little things like this make me very happy haha, but the only problem was the weather.
I think I got a shade darker, just being out for a couple of minutes.

Here's me in a very comfy outfit to beat the heat, Lena Cropped Top in Offwhite.
Super versatile piece that goes with almost anything, so glad we finally launched it after rectifying 
all the issues. It's perfect now, and comes in a lovely shade of Wine as well. 

To me, blue and white combis are perfect.
I always have the urge to name them procelain-something, because they just remind me of that.
Tanya Tile Print Dress in Blue makes the perfect work dress with its appropriate length and prints 
that isn't too overwhelming. The fit for size S is perfect for me, very flattering cut that defines the waist.

Something different from my usual style, but it was pretty well received.
Matched Nellie Bow Bag in Black (available via BO now) with Ophelia Outerwear in Black.
I say, it's a perfect holiday outfit. Gonna wear this for the flight during my upcoming trip.
My designer friend got this piece in White too, and she intends to sew pretty stuff on it. 
Can't wait to see the outcome! Fashion has no boundaries and is so amazing, isn't it?

We heard your request for more sleeved items, and here it is. 
Material used is similar to Neoprene, so it feels super comfy on the skin.
Cinch it with a belt like what I did here for a more casual look.

Featuring Floret Organza Midi Skirt in White, and it has got to be my favorite midi skirt to date.
I love love love this. Wore the Blue one here previously if you missed it.
Nellie Bow Bag in Pink (on Backorder as well).

Remember Jordan Belfort and A Day with The Wolf of Wall Street Seminar 
I was so excited about? It was amazing. I got so motivated after, and took back so much with me
(including his autographed books).

Such a honour to have a photo with Jordan Belfort himself.
If you're an aspiring entrepreneur, in the sales line or just looking at improving your persuasion skills,
I strongly urge you to attend when he returns to Singapore at the end of the year for something more 
exciting. I'll update again when I know of the confirmed details.

Thank you Fast Track Events and Gushcloud for the opportunity.

Finally found time to visit Salon Vim at their new revamped outlet, Somerset 313.
It's almost double the size of the previous space, and soo beautiful.
I love the full length mirrors, and lights around them (perfect for selfies).

After much deliberation, hello new hair (or rather, new colours).
I was looking through my photos taken during the 2 Korea trips last year, and it made me miss my 
coloured tresses soo much. So happy with the outcome, all thanks to my amazing hairstylist Katherine
and Linus. Most of all, thank you Salon Vim! It has been a wonderful 1.5years with them.

I have been using both bottles of Kerastase shampoo for some time, and I alternate them.
The white one on the left targets sensitive scalp (I love this!), while the pink one's a colour shampoo.
Not forgetting the hair masque at the bottom, which I use in replacement for my conditioner cos' 
my hair can get really dry at times from the frequent curling/straightening I do at home. 

Don't forget to quote 'Lucinda' to enjoy a special 15% discount for first timers!

Salon Vim By Chez Vous

313 Outlet
313@Somerset Orchard Road #04-07/08/09 S(238895)
Call 68847757 / 68847767
Bugis Outlet
235/235A Victoria Street S(188027)
Call 68370073 / 98370045


This lucky boy recently got himself some sponsorships too ;)
Sometimes, I wonder if he actually knows or feels happy about it.
Thanks to Poochimage, Taylor was sent some really cool treats/snacks from CocoTherapy

CocoTherapy is an all natural brand that centers on the fact that coconuts are a miracle food
that has nourished the populations around the world for generations. It specifically celebrates the 
total well being of our furry friends by making the goodness of coconuts available in all its products.
Some of the core products: CocoTherapy Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Coconut Chips.

For more info, do visit their site here:
Once again, thank you Poochimage and CocoTherapy!

Will be back to update with more upcoming items, fab week ahead everyone! Xx


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