Nivea Face - Whitening Pore Minimizer

Have you ever felt that your face lacks radiance, that healthy glow? I sure do. Since my Phuket trip, 
I've been trying to get revert to my old fairness but it's just so hard. It is not until I tried NIVEA Face Extra
White range that I wished I had found out about it earlier. I feel that my pesty brown spots have visibly
lightened and pores have shrank.

NIVEA is the expert in face care and I'm pretty sure you've heard of them. They are a reliable, trustworthy
skincare brand which uses ingredients that do not cause skin thinning in their products. This is definitely
reassuring to hear cos I know that my skin is in good hands considering I'll be using this range for a long time.

Nivea’s solution to fairer skin lies in their 8-step regime. This range targets extra large pores and dull skin. 
All of the products contain Pearly White with proven whitening efficacy 10x better than Vitamin C. 
What intrigued me most is its promise of fairer skin in 7 days! Here I will be reviewing on my favourite 
4 products from the Extra White range.

First up, my personal favorite - NIVEA Extra White Mud Foam made of volcanic clay. Do you know that
most effective makeup removers contain acidic ingredients that will thin skin and enlarge pores? 
However, The NIVEA Extra White Mud Foam deeply cleanses away residues and minimises my 
dilated pores with its gentle mud texture.

FYI, the 10 residues that enlarge pores and cause acne:
1. Oil, 2. Powder, 3. Foundation, 4. Blusher, 5. Eye Shadow, 6. Silicone, 7. Eyeliner, 8. Colour,
9. Moisturiser Residue, 10. Sunscreen Residue

I can already identify so many of the factors above and it's great to know of a product that will protect 
my skin from these harmful residues.

The next step in the skin regime - NIVEA Extra White Repair Scrub, with micro-beads that gently exfoliate
dead skin cells. I use this once or twice a week. Always look forward to using it as I feel that my skin is
smoother and there was an instant subtle glow on my face. My makeup application was easier after this too!

Apply gently to moistened face, neck and decollete by massaging in small upward circles while
avoiding the eye area. Rinse off with lukewarm water.

The 3rd step - NIVEA Extra White Day Serum [SPF 22] repairs and nourishes skin from frequent usage of
make-up. It has a serum concentration of Pearly White which is more potent than its day cream, thus I used
as a spot corrector on my large pores and brown spots. The texture is light and I find that it allows my
makeup to last longer. Definitely what I need on days when I'm out from morning to night.

Texture is light and absorbs into skin easily. I’m loving a moisturizer with SPF reduces the risk of sun
damage on my skin.

Lastly, the Extra White Night Cream gives visibly radiant and water-like
skin with refined pores in 7 days. I'm so in love with this, because the texture isn't oily unlike other night
creams and it smells really good too. My skin feels fresh and rejuvenated when I wake up in the morning, 
it makes me happy to see the improvements to my skin so quickly.

To summarise, here's the Nivea Extra White range:
4 step regime - Mud Foam, Scrub, Day Serum SPF 2, Night Cream.

Want to get your hands on one of this really cute Nivea Pouch?
Great news, Nivea will also be conducting a promotion - Receive a limited edition Nivea Pouch
with every $10 purchase of Visage face available in Guardian & Watsons in Sept 2014.

So here's my verdict after 7 days of usage:
Unlike other facial brands, the Nivea Extra White range feels extra gentle on the skin because of the 
gentle ingredients that do not thin our skin. Definitely of good quality and value for money.
I look visibly fairer with more refined looking skin and a natural shine-free complexion.
Here's a collage to show the comparison -

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The NIVEA Extra White range is available in all major pharmacy chains like Guardian and Watsons 
and supermarkets.


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