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Situated at 2 Dickson Road, Mx and I spent one memorable weekend at the Wanderlust Hotel
and it was amazing. It was nothing like I've ever experienced, and I can't wait to share it with
you guys. Be warned, tons of photos ahead.

I was pretty distracted during check-in, because the lobby's beautiful.
Every corner felt ootd-worthy, I couldn't resist a shot.
I was also thrilled to find out that breakfast will be served here the next morning. #cantwait

Upon check-in, here's what I found in my room.
So touched by this really sweet gesture, and I love how they are very meticulous even 
to the smallest details and that makes the Wanderlust Hotel stand out from the rest.

Among the five themes for the loft-style rooms, I knew I had to pick the Bling Whimsical Loft Room
because the name itself sounds pretty cool already. I was also attracted to the clean white space, I've
always loved white rooms (and white bed sheets). Prior to this, I was so excited because it was my
first time in a loft-style room. So happy to be in one!

The second level of the room, consists of a cozy area with a huge bed and white fluffy sheets.
It was a dream. To be honest, the room was a little smaller than what I had in mind but hey, 
it was only meant for the two of us so no complaints about it ;)

I've always loved the idea of two basins in the bathroom, the boyfriend loves it too.
Coupled with cool toiletries in funky colours, it was perfect.
It'll definitely be nice to model my future home after this.

Something interesting I noticed before we headed to Ballet Under the Stars (BUTS) by the 
Singapore Dance Theatre at Fort Canning. A beautifully decorated pop up store at a corner of the
lobby. In fact, they are already featuring pop up #5 this month, how cool is it?

It was my first time to BUTS or any performance held at the fort canning, so I was really excited
about it. If you're keen to find out more information on Ballet Under the Stars, you can do it here.

I didn't expect this huge crowd, looks really cool isn't it?

What's a date night without food?
Thankfully, there was a Cocotte Booth and we got ourselves a pretty Picnic Basket for two.
Packaging was superb, needless to say, the food was equally amazing.

It felt so romantic, and I loved the experience.
This won't be my last definitely, and I'd recommend the boyfriends/husbands to consider this
 for your next date night with your partners.

Indulging in fluffy white sheets the next morning, before heading down to 
have breakfast at the Cocotte Restaurant.

The semi-buffet concept is so innovative, I almost couldn't make up my mind on my 
breakfast choice cos everything sounded amazing.

Settled for the Fresh Fruit Bowl, and the portion was huge.
So many colors on a plate, somehow it makes me happy just looking at it.

Right after breakfast, we scheduled for a photoshoot for Ohvola and the Wanderlust Hotel
very kindly sponsored the venue for our shoot. Thank you Unlisted Collection and Gushcloud
for the opportunity!

This jacuzzi area was the ideal location for our shoot, it was spacious with perfect natural lighting
and had luscious greenery in the background. Couldn't have asked for more.

Here's the team feeling extremely happy at the end of shoot.
We also had the privilege to use one of their most beautiful rooms - the Princess Mono-themed room.
 The photos turned out amazing, and here's a couple of my favorite shots.

Photography by the amazing Samuel Ng from Pixioo Photography

Thank you the Wanderlust Hotel for the experience, already looking forward to the next. Xx


  1. That is so cute, I would of never thought of that. I am definitely making me one or maybe a few! Lol

  2. Definitely waiting for this post so much. Looks really cosy and fun to explore. And finally something to brighten my day. :D

    1. Good to see your comment every time. Thanks dear!

    2. Was pretty shy to start actually. Would comment after every post now! :) I actuallly restarted blogging because of you. Inspired by all your happy moments thought of logging mine in for keepsake too. (^.^) Keep exploring and have fun. I would definitely be reading~

  3. Hi there, just wondering if the colored dress you wore in your last pic is an upcoming pc from ohvola? If no, may I know where you bought it? Loved it and it look nice on you....

    1. Thank you! It's a gift from my elder sis. She got the dress from primark, London :)


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