Hello on the last day of 2014!
 Here to share some photos from the proposal for a little keepsake. From the set-up to the lovely company, everything was beautiful. The only exception was probably the plaster across my nose bridge. Just two hours prior to the proposal, I was hit by a carpark gantry barrier on my head and nose because I followed a car blindly. Probably the most stupid thing that can happen to anyone(please don't be like me!)

Mx had to rush me to the A&E to get my wound glued. He was very helpless, and I felt so bad. Thankfully, my nose wasn't broken and I could go ahead with the expensive 'dinner' Mx insisted I still attend. It has been exactly four months, the scar doesn't seem to go away but I'm alright with it. Some days, the scar serves pretty well as a conversation starter so at least there's some good to it.

Ideal Weddings did a better job in covering the story of the proposal here.
Thank you Shaaleni for the interview and writeup!

Photography by Pixioo | Facebook

So thankful to the family and friends who were part of the surprise. I couldn't have asked for more. Moving on, the next year is going to be a busy one for Mx and I. We might need to start planning a little for the wedding and house. Everyone has been asking us for our plans, but I am pretty clueless. I don't even know where to start. Let me know if you have any tips to share, and I'll be very grateful (:

 Happy new year, all! Here's to an exciting 2015 xx


  1. Aww..that was such a sweet proposal! Am someone who loves watching weddings and engagements videos and i must say yours was just as beautiful (even with that mini plaster! hehe). Congrats and best wishes to you with your beloved one!
    I've always loved Ohvola's collection and pretty much wished i could afford lots of stuff, but i never fail to purchase an item whenever possible! Looking forward to many more collections! (:

  2. Totally cannot wait for that day to come when this space may be filled with blissful pictures of you and Mx. Be blessed always goddess!


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