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Hello December.
 My favorite time of the year, where we have lots of exciting stuff planned. Here's one with my 
Mom at the recent Gushcloud Christmas video shoot, link to the full video here! Christmas
always excites me partly because it also means I'll be receiving gifts from my family and friends. 

If you're fretting over Christmas gifts for your loved ones or looking at 
rewarding yourself with a present, I've got a pretty good recommendation. 
It's a customized Beauty Box created by VanityTrove I'm talking about, and you can purchase 
it here at $35 when you include this unique promo code : LUCINDAZHOUVT

Each box contains products that are handpicked by the Zhou sisters, Jolene and I.
It also comes with a personalized greeting card in the prettiest colours. 
Here are my picks, and some of my new found favourite products. 

1) My Beauty Diary Vanilla Moisturizing Aroma Mask

The number one facial mask brand in Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong which I'm pretty sure
most of you would have already heard of. It helps the skin to lock in moisture, prevents dryness 
and increases its hydration level, helping your skin remain clear and maintain its elasticity. I have
sensitive skin, but I'm delighted to learn that this new mask range is safe for use on all skin types.

The complex sweet scent of Vanilla also helped to relieve my work stress while soothing the 
tired skin. You got to try it yourself to discover why these masks have set the Taiwanese 
beauty community raving.

2) Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate & Nutriganics Drops of Youth Concentrate

I'm impressed by the innovative Nutriganics Drops of Youth concentrate which helps to optimise 
my skin’s youthful beauty by enhancing surface skin renewal. After using it, it leaves my skin
looking smoother, fresher and healthier. Using Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate also gave me
younger and smoother-looking eyes by reducing fine lines and eye bags. 

3) Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

4) Too Cool For School McGirly Rice Scrub & Pumpkin Sleeping Pack White

5) Skin Inc Repair Pycnogenol Serum

I've always heard great reviews from my friends about their customized serums by Skin Inc,
targeting at each individual's skin type and areas of skin problem.

6) Tea Leaf Culture Tea Trim

I've always loved loose leaf tea as compared to tea bagged teas. What sets this apart from the 
other health teas - it does not produce laxative effect while naturally suppresses appetite while
containing just 5 essential and effective ingredients for maximum benefits. 
Love its sweet floral scent too!

7) TruLife Herbal System Detox

Sometimes, I feel extremely bloated after meals due to indigestion. This would come in
really handy in aiding digestion and lessening oil absorption after meals. I'm another step 
closer to my goal of staying healthy and lean with less effort.

8) Dr. G Bio-RTx Mentor Cream for Damaged Skin

There are a couple of other items not featured here that will be included as well, so I guess
it adds to the surprise element which we all love when it comes to the gifts we receive ;)

Head over to VanityTrove to support us and purchase this customized Beauty Box specially
handpicked by Jolene and I. Don't forget to enter the unique promo code: LUCINDAZHOUVT 
to receive 1 full sized product (limit to first 50 readers).

With tons of love,
The Zhou Sisters


  1. Finally you updated Lu. Such as sweet post. Have a great year ahead.!


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