Le Grand & Z Wedding Couture Runway Show 2015

Earlier in March, Mx and I were very honored to be invited to Le Grand & Z Wedding Couture Runway Show 2015 held at the glamorous W Singapore - Sentosa Cove. This exclusive event is the only one in Singapore that sees bridal houses launching a full-fledged fashion show with VIPs in tow. It also came very timely, because Mx and I haven't exactly started on the planning for our wedding next year. It was my first time to a bridal showcase, and I was blown away by the collections.

Le Grand Wedding 
79 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088500
T: +65 6327 8880
E: enquiry@legrandwedding.com

Z Wedding Design
93 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088514
T: +65 6337 2678
E: sales@zwedding.com.sg

Photos used here are c/o Chris Ling Intl Photographers, unless stated otherwise.

The first model made a grand entrance in this bespoke piece - not exactly what we'd usually see on local brides, but it left a really deep impression. The Le Grand Collection is all about vintage inspired lace, specifically the free spirit of the 70s. I adore the modern cuts with a myriad of necklines that provide the elegant twist, bringing the 70s element to present day and lace which embodies the wedding gown to give a feminine touch to the bold personality.

It was followed by a series of gowns in hues I foresee myself picking for my own wedding. I'm not a fan of really bold colours, so these greys and mints are very refreshing hues. Lace, tulle, mermaid cut and a very gorgeous back detail - everything I'd love in a dress.

Here comes the part where I got blown away - The Z Wedding Collection. This series of Roman Goddess inspired gowns were beautiful beyond words. Rich fabrics that drape across the body with seamless details, creating a luxurious cut and crystals that allows the bride to glitter as she moves. Love, beauty, desire - just what the Venus wears and represents.

My favorite piece from the show - definitely this luxurious sweetheart cut with lots of tulle detail.
This is a DREAM, and it looks even more beautiful irl so here are more shots from my personal compact camera. There can be so many amazing colours for a wedding gown, but nothing beats the classic white one. 

A long train always adds to the fairytale element, so so in love with these pieces.

The beautiful founder of Le Grand & Z Wedding, Joey Ling.  
Thank you for having us, we definitely enjoyed ourselves.


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