Sponsored: Glampalm Styling Iron Review

One of the questions I frequently get via email would be how I achieved the curls on my hair and the brand of styling iron I would recommend/use. So.. the answer to your questions - GLAMPALM. On days when I'm in a rush, I can do without my makeup but I can never leave the house without curling my hair. That's how important my hair is to me, and I know having a good styling iron is equally important. For the past month, I have replaced my previous styling iron with Glampalm's 1" Classic (GP201) and in all honesty, it is one of the best I've ever used. It's no wonder that this is their flagship model since 2008, and top seller worldwide.

It was such a pleasant surprise when I received the Glampalm styling iron. The packaging was so beautiful to start with. It even came with a nice bag within the box. I have never seen anything like this for my previous styling irons.

Checking out the new styling iron, and it felt slightly smaller than my usual one. As I tested it out, I realized the 1"sized plates and rounded barrel provide the perfect size for my hair length and the curls I would prefer. It felt so smooth and the defined curls were created in just one pull through my hair. I'm definitely enjoying the fast and even heat distribution. I also found out there's a healing stone infused ceramic coating for ultra smooth sliding and protection against pulled hair. What more - it's lightweight and can easily fit into my handbags. Definitely one of my travel essentials for my upcoming work trips.

I have naturally wavy and very voluminous hair (not to my liking sometimes), so a good styling iron would be essential in straightening the top part of my hair and curling the ends to create a balance. What I really love about this styling iron - heat up time is only within 15secs, and you get to choose your heat settings from 100 to 200 degree celsius. 

I also thought it's really thoughtful of Glampalm to include this feature that eliminates the hassles of tangled and broken cords. This makes packing so much easier as well.  The heat resistant cap as featured below is another major plus point too. Are you as impressed as I am already? ;)

Included a few shots of after styling - all straightening and curling were done using Glampalm's 1" Classic (GP201). Alternatively, get more information of the amazing Glampalm Styling Iron here: http://www.glampalm.com.sg/products/gp201-hair-iron

Also, you get $15 off when you quote "LZ15" at checkout.
I hope you enjoy using the styling iron as much as I do! x


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