What makes a woman feel beautiful? 
It is the youthful aura

Over the years, I've figured and learnt the importance of having youthful and hydrated skin. That, in my opinion, makes a woman beautiful and it is something even the best makeup techniques might not be able to achieve. The quest for youthful skin is never ending. With so many products in the market to choose from, it is also very important to find a good one. One that works well for your skin, and complements the rest of your skincare routine. For someone with combination skin, I was definitely excited to try out the Lancome Advanced Genifique for the first time. 

Aside from the beautiful outlook of the Youth Activating Concentrate bottle, I really like the ease application. With one pump, the self-loading dropper picks up a sufficient amount of the concentrate. Love the convenience!

From the first drops, my skin appeared suppler and more luminous. My review after 7 days - skin looks visibly rejuvenated and smoother. It has also been clinically proven that after 8 weeks, the 10 key visible and tactile signs that characterize youthful skin listed below are significantly improved.

* Fine lines are diminished by 42% 
* Wrinkles are smoothed by 46% 
* More radiance 52% 
* More clarity 47% 
* More evenness 42% 

* Texture is improved by 57% 
* Elasticity is improved by 50% 
* More tonicity 49% 
* Skin is firmer by 48% 
* Sagginess is reduced by 46% 

As the mirror of the soul, and the window to the imagination and desire, our eyes are the centre of attention. The Advanced Génifique Yeux Light-Pearl Eye Illuminator targets specifically the eye area specially as the name suggests.

Equipped with a new-generation applicator for improved application, it benefits from a new ergonomic massage pearl and elastomer link for increased flexibility. It also features a reinforced light-infused formula containing resin microbeads for immediately visible effectiveness. The Light-Pearl soothes the thin and fragile skin around the eye by providing incredible comfort. I like to use it every morning to help de-puff the eyelids, and hopefully to prevent wrinkles in the long run.

Another must-have is the Youth Activating Eye Cream. Due to the stresses of our busy lifestyles, our eye contour area is often marked by signs of ageing and fatigue. This eye cream helps to protect our skin against pollution, enhances key signs of youthfulness and fights against visible signs of fatigue.

The best part of the Lancome Advanced Genifique is that it is a transversal product which can be used in our usual skincare routine, with almost any existing skincare products. In fact, it has been proven to improve the efficacy of other skincare products by up to 3X. Amazing, isn't it?

Reactivate that aura from within and be proud to let it shine.
Click HERE to achieve the youthful aura!


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